6 Factors to consider before selling on an online platform

Online marketplaces and platforms like Digidokan are incredible options to sell if you are a small business start-up looking forward to building its brand. It is also very beneficial for established merchants who want to reach out to massive markets and a wide range of audiences globally.

There are a lot of benefits if you develop your online shop in an established e shops marketplace. These online business marketplaces have a lot of power and influence, and that is why you should not take them lightly, even as a small business start-up.

How is home based business beneficial?


There has been a trend in the last ten years, proving that e-commerce is growing day by day. Online sales have also increased by up to 15% in the previous few years. Having an e-commerce website is very important for small business wants to sell their products and services online.

Increase in online sales growth can be beneficial and profitable for a brand in the long run and their development. Some business organizations and vendors also hire the services of web developers to get their business websites started.

A small business start-up cannot afford this at all and wants to continue to keep moving forward. You can grow your business with free websites. There are many online selling platforms available on the internet, and it can be very overwhelming sometimes for small business owners.

6 Factors of Consideration Before You Start a Business Online


Here are the six things that you should keep in your mind before selling on an online platform.

 1. Traffic for Your Small Business

If you are a small business start-up, you already do not have a customer base that is loyal to your brand. You need to choose a platform with an already existing customer base to quickly sell your products and services on such an online platform.

It is essential to check the marketplace traffic before selling your products and services online by creating an online shop om platform like Digidokaan. The quantity of visitors on a website is substantial, but the quality is more important when you want to develop a long-term relationship with the buyers of your products and services in the online shop.

As a small business start-up, your primary focus should be customer retention rather than the number of customers that you are getting at the start. If you are looking for a less established marketplace, it is essential to keep your eye out for the quantity of website traffic.

 2. Don't go for the numbers

The second significant thing that small business start-up should keep in their mind before selling their products and services online is that they should not be highly dependent upon the number of buyers in an online marketplace.

 Just because an online marketplace has a ready-made customer base, it does not mean that you will get ready-made and organic sales on your products and services as well by selling online.

The small business start-up needs to make sure that the customers see their products and services and take action and purchase them. How is that going to be possible for a business start-up like yours?

Here's how it will happen:


The search feature on the online marketplace works similarly to a search engine. You can rank your online shop and products using the keywords that clients are searching for the most on the online platform for selling.

For example, a small business start-up can optimize their listings by conducting keyword research and including those keywords in their product descriptions. Make sure that you also select the subject agrees in the product categories appropriately. It will make sure that your products are relevant to search for the user.

Boosting Visibility

As a small business start-up, you can improve the visibility of your products and services by combining the related items. For example, you can combine the products with different sizes and colour options available in the listing. It will give you a combined score rather than diluting your overall listing. Create your free online store to grow!

Online Community

Major online selling marketplaces and free websites have communities of like-minded people who are kind enough to promote each other's products and services. It is a good way for you to start as a small business start-up, and you should not let the opportunity go! Take advantage of this opportunity and watch your small business start-up business grow.

 3. Fee Structure on Online Shops

An important consideration is the fee structure of the online marketplace before you start selling your products and services over a small business start-up. Make sure that you do your research on whether they are charging on commission of sale or have a separate listing fee. It is always necessary to keep any potential additional fee structure in the back of your mind, including shipping fees. It will keep you ready for what is coming next!

Digidukaan does not charge any commission at all!

 4. Support From Other Online Platforms

As a small business online shop start-up, you need to know that different online selling platforms offer help and support to businesses. This resistance helps the merchants to make the most out of their business, and this help is in the form of different marketing strategies and tools.

Online marketplaces also provide a dedicated account manager access to make things convenient for small business start-ups. You can research and determine whether this additional feature comes with an additional cost or not on the marketplace you choose like digidokan.

 5. Rules For Online Dukan

It is always important to consider that you will have less flexibility and control over your website because you are working on an online platform. It is not your website, and if it is something that you are looking for, then you should not consider selling on an online platform in the first place.

There are particular rules and regulations that you will be obliged to regard the returns. For instance, eBay has a money-back guarantee policy. Digidokan also has some rules about the products that you cannot sell!

 6. Different Channels for Sales to Grow Your Business

If you are a small business start-up looking forward to selling on an online marketplace, you should sell from multiple sales channels. These sales channels include a physical store or a website. These options are incredible so that you can start a business, expand your audience, and reach the optimal level of business growth as a small business start-up.

Managing multiple sales channels will add a considerable cost to your business which is not easy when you are just a start-up. This process is very time-consuming because you will have to manually list all your products on all the channels and update them from time to time.


Starting a new business is very challenging, but it has become necessary to move from traditional physical stores to online shops. There are many options available for small business start-ups, so it is pretty overwhelming for them sometimes. Digidukaan is one of the major emerging e commerce website in Pakistan.

After considering the factors that we have mentioned above before selling online platforms, think and move forward for small businesses pretty steadily!