9 Common mistakes to avoid when starting a business

Congratulations! … you are going to launch your new business. You must be very excited but wait a minute, many small businesses fail in a couple of years. Because the founders make some common mistakes. To avoid meeting the same fate, you need to know about the common mistakes to avoid when starting a small business.

For your convenience, we have listed them down.


Not paying attention to making a business plan

The first and foremost step

6 Factors to consider before selling on an online platform

Online marketplaces and platforms like Digidokan are incredible options to sell if you are a small business start-up looking forward to building its brand. It is also very beneficial for established merchants who want to reach out to massive markets and a wide range of audiences globally.

There are a lot of benefits if you develop your online shop in an established e shops marketplace. These online business marketplaces have a lot of power and influence, and that is why you should n

How to find which online selling marketplace is beneficial for vendors?

Small business vendors need to find out which online marketplace will be the right one for their brand. Every marketplace has its requirements and categories for products and services.

Do you want to be sure about the decision that you are about to make?

For that, you will have to create online store and comprehend the multiple approaches for selling on an online marketplace. If all of this sounds super overwhelming to you, then you are at the right place today.

5 Reasons to sell your products online as a small business

A business needs to exist online if they wish to proceed further as a significant business in the future. Every business needs to have a successful website so that it can reach out to more customers. You can easily set up your existence online as a business if you create an online store, and then your online business will proceed further.

DigiDukan will help you out to offer your products and services to customers and reach a maximum audience on your website. Customers love to purch